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Found a unit you like? Follow the steps below to rent it!

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Step 1: Visit the rental either remotely or in-person

  • Remotely: If looking at photos of the interior and driving past the property is enough for you, then proceed to the next step.


  • In-Person: Want to lay eyes on the inside of the rental? Make an appointment at our office to check out a key. Bring photo ID, provide your phone number and a deposit of $50 cash. We’ll give you a receipt, and your deposit will be returned when you bring back the key.

Step 2: Review our screening criteria

These criteria will help you determine if any additional documentation may be required to apply, and describes how we evaluate applications.

Screening Criteria

Step 3: Apply

Each prospective tenant age 18 or over must complete and pay for a separate application, which cost $55 each (international screenings may result in additional fees being passed through to applicant; see application for details). Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Only completed applications, with fee paid, are processed. Once a completed application is received, the unit is taken off the market while the application is being processed. This reduces wasted application fees due to multiple candidates, but means application fees are non-refundable. Applications typically take 3-5 business days to process; to speed the application process, contact your employer and references in advance about responding to our requests for information.

Apply Now

Step 4: Reserve your rental

If your application has been approved, but your rental unit isn’t ready yet (e.g. it’s not vacant yet, or it’s still being cleaned), then you’ll need to pay a holding deposit. The amount of the holding deposit is equivalent to the security deposit, which is dependent on the qualifications on your application, and is usually 1x-2x the monthly rent, though it can be as high as 3x monthly rent. Once your unit is cleaned and ready, you’ll sign the formal Rental Agreement, and your holding deposit will be converted to a security deposit.

Step 5: Sign the rental agreement

Make an appointment with our office for a 1-hour meeting to review the contract and sign it. Items to bring with you to the appointment:

  • Government-issued photo ID for each signatory (each tenant age 18 and over).
  • List of utilities transferred into your name, including the dates the transfers start, and your account number for each utility. Keys will not be issued until utilities have been transferred.
    A list of utilities to transfer can be found here.
  • Proof of renter’s insurance, in the form of a copy of the Declarations Page. Renter’s insurance policy(ies) must cover all tenants, carry a minimum liability coverage of $100,000, and list Kingfisher Property Management as an interested party.
  • First month’s rent payment, in the form of pre-payment using Zego, or bring a money order or cashier’s check.
  • Separate security deposit payment, also in the form of pre-payment using Zego, or bring a money order or cashier’s check. This is required unless you already placed a holding deposit on your unit, in which case that will be converted to your security deposit.