Life is full of challenges and changes, and sometimes we need to move on by moving out. Below is a checklist and some forms to help you have a smooth move-out experience, and maximize the return of your security deposit.

Is a roommate leaving or a new one moving in?

The roommate that is leaving will have to give up their claim to any portion of the security deposit, and the roommate(s) that is staying will have to accept responsibility for damages. Also, any new prospective tenant will need to successfully pass our application process prior to moving in, and may need to pay additional security deposit. The application process includes fee payment and screening for criminal, credit, rental, and employment history.

Complete the Add or Remove Resident(s) form

Are all tenants moving out?

Note that the 30-day clock does not start until the form is received in our office; we recommend delivering the Notice to our office on the same day you sign it. Once you deliver your Notice, it cannot be revoked, since we will immediately begin the process of re-renting your unit.

Complete the Resident’s 30-Day Notice to Vacate form

Move-Out Cleaning Checklist & Final Check-Out Instructions

You want to maximize your security deposit return, and we want a clean, rent-ready unit, right? No problem, just a little elbow grease. Complete all the cleaning steps and follow the check-out instructions, and all will be right with the world.

Move-Out Cleaning Checklist & Final Check-Out Instructions

We’re glad you stayed with us and we wish you the best in your travels and adventures!